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Mercedes glc suspension problems

Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 16, 2019. I have a 2019 GLC 43 AMG with the 21 inch upgraded wheels and I have to replace the front tires, the right is worse than the left. Virtually bald on the outside edge, the vehicle handles well with no pull or drift to one side or the other. The only peculurality I have is when the tires are cold and I.

It's a handsome, well-appointed, easy-to-drive car that doesn't demand a sporting attack-attack mentality from its driver. Refinement is pleasing. The new engines are smoother. It won't.

7 Oil Leaks. via Motor1.com. Every Mercedes-Benz model made after 1995 has imported an electronic transmission system. In terms of updating technology, it is a great system and innovation, but a common issue is that the electronic transmission system often leads to graphite build-up caused by an oil leak.

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Step 2 – Check shock absorbers. If the ride of your C-Class has become noticeably bouncy, you may have a blown out or leaking shock (s). The shocks in the suspension system dampen the motion of the springs as the suspension works up and down. This is accomplished by a piston connected to a shaft that works up and down inside of an oil filed. Search: Mercedes Air Suspension Reset. High Quality Compressed-air System Air Dryer Oem 9324000240 for Mercedes Benz Truck Wabco Air Dryer with low price ,all products with large discount See full list on mbworld Find the best Mercedes-Benz M-Class AMG ML 63 for sale near you In this guide, we will show you how to replace Mercedes-Benz air strut and air.

The final cause of the most common Mercedes Benz air conditioning problems is the cooling fan control unit. The cooling fan control unit is a control module that connects the air conditioning fan to the rest of the AC system. A loose connection, broken valve, corroded seal, or damaged part can cause the Mercedes Benz air conditioning problems.

For Mercedes-Benz Australia to honour fixing the 'tyre skipping' problem on all C/GLC models. I contacted Mercedes-Benz and they replied its a characteristic "a comfort issue" of the car and does not affect the safety and performance of the car. Mercedes-Benz Australia have since refused to warrant replacing the front tyres free of charge for their unhappy customers.

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